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“If the circus is coming to town and you put an ad in the local paper saying ‘Circus coming to Fairgrounds Saturday,’ that’s advertising. If you put a sign on the back of an elephant and walk him through town, that’s promotion. If the elephant walks through the mayor’s flowerbed, that’s publicity. If you can get the mayor to laugh about it, that’s community relations. AND if you planned the whole thing, that’s marketing!

Author unknown

Our Services

Business Start up Services

The first essential step in starting a new business or expanding into new markets is to envision your idea and create the process for how this idea will be carried out. Basic goals and timelines for developing a new business are a fundamental next step. It is necessary for all new business owners to make a coordinated effort in securing funding, establishing production or processing facilities, and discovering and cultivating markets for their products and/or services. FTT’s consultants have been through this process many times and can help you every step of the way.

Business planning

Whether you are planning a new business or updating an existing business, knowing where you have been and where you’re going is crucial. Business planning allows you to engage in the future of your business by strategizing in stages, and setting goals for growth, market opportunities, and challenges.


Marketing is an array of strategies and techniques designed to get more consumers to purchase your products/services, to frequent your business on a steady basis and to spend more of their dollars there. Marketing is often misinterpreted as an activity limited to paid advertising. Although paid advertising is certainly a part of every marketing plan, it is by no means the only way to raise awareness and increase visibility. We can help you to develop and implement a successful marketing plan.

Feasibility Analysis

A feasibility analysis is a preliminary study undertaken to determine and document a project’s viability. The results of the study are then used to make a decision whether to proceed with a venture, or not. If it does lead to a project being deemed feasible, it will be used to establish the likelihood of the project’s success. It can also provide an analysis of possible alternative solutions to a problem. Contact us to discuss how FTT can be of assistance in this important first step — prior to making a decision about starting a project.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning plans for progress by setting short- and long-term goals and objectives, then outlining courses of action and a distribution of resources. Strategic planning is  important for small businesses and organizations to allow all stakeholders to express a vision, identify a mission and set goals to determine their future. Field to Table can help you develop a clear and concise written strategy that will help to ensure that your business/organization grows to meet its vision and doesn’t lie on the shelf and collect dust.

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a must for any business operating in today’s climate of high energy prices and global warming concerns. Field to Table will help you evaluate your current situation and your options, with straightforward analysis and no-nonsense recommendations. Once you’ve done the best you can to reduce your energy consumption, we can help you evaluate the many renewable energy options and financial support programs that are available today.


FTT has the necessary legal expertise to assist you in starting up a new business adapting your current business to another legal structure and dealing with the legal issues affecting your business. We have extensive experience in all aspects of business law and cooperative law. We have solutions for the legal issues that affect agriculture, rural and small businesses and worker owned companies. We understand your business environment, and we can provide practical solutions to suit your legal needs and budget.

Value-Added Product Branding and Development

It’s a very exciting time for producers who are interested and willing to explore value-added product development from the raw materials on their farms. We can assist you in designing and developing a value-added component to your current operation, or in improving your present value-added enterprise. Grants are often available to assist with this process, and consumers are committed to supporting local farms by purchasing an ever increasing level of farm produced goods.